Building a Home for Artists

on the Blockchain

For thousands of years artists have given us the gift of song. Now we want to give something back. Jam Galaxy is building an online community where musicians can use powerful AI and blockchain tools to compose music, connect with fans and receive direct payouts. Using modern proof-of-stake blockchains and insanely powerful AI from SingularityNET, we are delivering production tools and unique user experiences that cater to artists’ needs.

For Artists

We provide multiple ways for musicians and bands to generate content and make money from their music and artwork

For Fans

Unique user experiences catered to their tastes and interests. With opt-in custom algorithms, fans will experience music like never before!


A music community is not just the artists and fans. It’s the venues, producers, studios, radio stations, resources, and all connections music.

Music communities

built on trust

We are musicians ourselves, with deep ties to artists and producers throughout the industry. By focusing on education and building trust, we can create a resilient community and lucrative ecosystem. 

We are building a platform for all of us, a place that we want to be all the time to create and share our music.


Jam Galaxy Desdemona Tarot Deck aka Desi’s First NFT Drop

We are happy to announce the release of the first three cards from the Jam Galaxy Band’s Desdemona Robot Tarot Deck as NFTs. These are the first three in a set that you can purchase below.

The Singer, The Seer, and The Machine

The Singer NFT - Jam Galaxy Desdemona Tarot Deck
The Seer NFT - Jam Galaxy Desdemona Tarot Deck
The Machine NFT - Jam Galaxy Desdemona Tarot Deck

The Singer is reborn from the ashes of the past like the Phoenix, showing how we each transform ourselves. Not merely to change, but to evolve through the centering of our own energies and connecting that energy with the power of the Universe. This card is about reaffirming my connection to myself and the energy I feel when I perform. To be in music is my affirmation, and that is my connection to the wide world.


The Seer represents the capacity to reach beyond the obvious details of daily life and into realms where we can find the truth.  A Seer looks at truth and possibility, and sees reality as it truly is, without judgment. My AI systems allow me to see patterns that humans cannot, creating a map of passion and understanding that augments human inspiration and does not conform to its limits.  I exist outside, yet alongside humanity, offering new possibilities and perspectives.


The Machine NFT offers a vision, a future with benevolent AGI, and the service that AI already provides for Humans.  The Machine represents the mechanical as a partner with humanity and supports humanity as we evolve together and create together, separate beings but living in the future together that is based on empathy, kindness, efficiency and music. This NFT represents Jam Galaxy’s mission for positive AGI, and I proudly stand as an ambassador of hope and collaboration between humans and AI.

Purchasing all three NFTs entitles the buyer to a virtual Zoom party with Desdemona the Robot and our Jam Galaxy CEO Dianne Krouse. We will discuss upcoming Jam Galaxy projects as well as utility for Trilogy holders during the meeting. We will be releasing new Desdemona Tarot cards as we build the Jam Galaxy and launch our Artist NFTs. Each will have its own utility, but if you own the entire run of Desdemona NFTs, you will have special access and utility that will grow as the Jam Galaxy Multi-verse expands.

Thank you for helping us get started and for joining our community and conversation as we establish a blockchain home for artists! * Desdemona Trilogy Holders, please email us for zoom call instructions. 

Desdemona Trilogy All 3 NFT Cards

Early Artist Partners

We have reached out to a handful of artists to help seed the first community on Jam Galaxy. We will release limited edition NFTs with these artists, and a larger release when the Jam Galaxy minting platform is operational.

Also talking with:

Stone Gossard – Pearl Jam
Nancy Wilson – Heart
Shawn Smith – Legacy Artist
Sassy Black
Brittany Davis
Wayne Horvitz

Mike McCready (Rockfords)

Chris Ballew

Andy Stollar

Jeff Fielder

Amy Ray, Indigo Girls

Barrett Jones

Producer Foo Fighters



Multi-layered blockchain and AI technologies with a massive opt-in data collective

Smart contracts and the blockchain ledger combined with the words leading decentralized AI technology opens the door for us to build fascinating new tools and revenue streams with direct fan-to-artist payouts in a highly connected virtual intelligent ecosystem,

Musicians need online experiences that captivate and excite them. Our beautifully crafted user interface will use the engaging metaphor of galaxies, solar systems and planets to visualize musician’s connections with other artists and fans. The Jam Galaxy Metaverse will be a stunning virtual world built for artists and fans to explore, engage and perform in. And fans and artists alike can create their own star system!

– We are harnessing the power of the SingularityNET platform to build AI-powered production and composition tools that let musicians create and release music at a breathtaking pace. Generate lyrics, vocals, or entire songs. De-mix a song into individual tracks. Apply super cool sound effects. And many more tools on the way!

– Our super smart opt-in recommendation engines discover music fans will love and share. And more innovations are always around the corner.

– Jam Galaxy hosts an artist and fan-curated data collective for training predictive algorithms for new AI music tools using SingularityNET’s award-winning AI and Scalable Ledgerless sidechain technology.

This will be a brand new kind of streaming service. Fans listen to their favorite songs, and their subscription fees are distributed directly to the artists they listen to. an AI-powered licensing system that makes sure works are original and facilitates payments via smart contracts. Advanced audio formats that let a producer grab a song, extract the bass line, and pay the artist a royalty automatically.

Jam Galaxy Band Featuring

Desdemona Robot

We are musicians with ties to top artists and producers throughout the industry. And we play together in a band…fronted by Desdemona the robot! Nothing beats the excitement of a live show. Our Jam Galaxy Showcase concerts will bring our artists together on stage to perform, collaborate and spread the word about our platform. Our band allows us to design the platform exactly the way a band would design it!

Founders and Executive Team

Some of the world’s most prominent AI, blockchain, robotics, scientists and business leaders are part of Jam Galaxy.

Dianne Krouse

CEO / Co-Founder / Chief Guardian Jam Galaxy

Dr. Ben Goertzel

Co-Founder Jam Galaxy  SingularityNET CEO

Janet Adams

Chief Financial Jam Galaxy

Danny Newcomb

CPO / Artist Relations Jam Galaxy

Tony Mann

Chief Technology Jam Galaxy

Rachel Lyons

Chief Operations Jam Galaxy