AI, Blockchain and Decentralized Solutions – What does it have to do with music? 

With AI and blockchain technology, we see a real opportunity for a new decentralized artist path that can curate fans and generate more income for the creator than the current business paradigm. In this new model, we remove intermediaries from the music equation and instead, artists and fans reap the rewards.

As a spinoff of SingularityNET, our grand intention is to create benevolent, beneficial decentralized systems. Dr. Ben Goertzel of AGI fame and co-creator of Sophia robot is our co-founder. Check out SingularityNET! 

That’s okay and that’s why we are creating the Jam Galaxy. We’re bridging mainstream audiences to help them understand and benefit from these incredible technologies that advance and change each day! We’ll keep up on the latest technology ensuring we capture state of the art developments for you.

AI can be used for many purposes, good and bad depending on the creator’s intent. Our intention is to produce ethical AI models that benefit and bring out the best in all of humanity and the planet. Good AI allows us the opportunity to create a better world for everyone. We believe this is truly what most would like to see, our outdated systems are based on power, greed and control by few and while that’s created what we see today, we now have the opportunity to create better global systems. The misappropriation of artist’s value for personal gain is one of the most blatant examples of outdated systems. Our AI algorithms are created and trained on new objectives that redirect the value back to the artist while also rewarding fans. With this model, everyone has opportunity

Blockchain technology offers its own set of unique benefits. We hope to help you understand how it works, but even if you don’t, or don’t care to, just know it’s immutable. You can’t go back and change anything unless you can time travel back to the space and time it was created, but you may always access it and update with a new version in your present time. The original is always there.

  • Trust. Blockchain creates trust between different entities.
  • Decentralized structure – this means there is not just one or a few entities in control, instead structure is spread out to the whole and the many
  • Improved security and privacy –  this is debated by those with controlling interests in traditional systems but we believe blockchain and decentralization is a better solution.
  • Reduced costs – less layers, less middle systems and people
  • Speed and agility – less layers, less middle systems and people, transparency, immutability
  • Visibility and traceability – transparency
  • Immutability –  which means, there is no way of changing it, like a flower that bloomed yesterday, like the minute that just passed. We are always changing and we can’t go back. Unless we invent a time machine.
  • Individual control of data – artists control their data, fans control their data. companies pay YOU for your data, not the entity who profits from your data.

We are musicians, artists and entertainers who also love math, science, data, tech, consciousness, and the beauty of existence! We also have a band “The Jam Galaxy Incident” and our lead is a robot named Desdemona. We have big hearts and are creating the Jam Galaxy decentralized and for everyone.

We’re all traveling together on this beautiful spaceship called Earth… a tiny planet gravitationally bound to an average star in a constant free fall navigating the Orion-Cygnus Arm and headed towards Vega. And at some point, somehow, in a moment of emergent flow state, life came about, and we are all the lottery winners who get to experience this all. So we are all about creating systems that benefit everyone.

AI designs from our partners in SingularityNET will be able to curate extensive collections of music, augment listeners’ tastes through individualized streaming algorithms, and collect payments immediately for artists and performers. Even the data generated from these mechanics will be income for artists, as it can be a valuable research tool for creating AI music tools. It has every promise of being a virtuous cycle, a self-sustaining hub that is a launching site for new artists that may have the time and income to focus on their craft. The CEO of SingularityNET is Dr. Ben Goertzel who is also our co-founder and a founding member of the Jam Galaxy Band! 

Jam Galaxy is a community-based artist site that allows direct communication with the fans. The regular conversation will be streaming back catalogs, performing live shows, advertising upcoming albums, and curating previously unreleased album material or images/video for fan perks. It’s all community and story – and as we build our site and add our visual star systems, the visitor will be able to see all the connections between the artists.

The Artists will have a visual Rolodex for who’s who and who works with who in the Galaxy. As a visitor, you’ll see the band players on a record who have their solo music, the producer who wrote a song for your favorite vocalist, and the singer who sang another writer’s words and moved you. These are stories where we will find our connections as fans and as Artists in the Jam Galaxy.

AI Tools Virtuous Cycle Framework

Jam Galaxy hosts an artist and fan curated data collective for training predictive algorithms for new AI music tools using SingularityNET’s award-winning AI and Scalable Ledgerless sidechain technology. 

  • Confirm authenticity of original works
  • Supply music data for training AI tools (artist opt-in)
  • Use AI tools to generate original content for minting NFTs 
  • Fans can use training data and tools to create
  • Artists earn every time stem tracks and master files are used in tools
  • Fan incentive structure maximizes artists’ earning potential

Our Story

Jam Galaxy was founded by Dianne Krouse, CEO of Jam Galaxy and AI scientist Dr. Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, to be an integrated company with SingularityNET and to incorporate benevolent AI into a platform for musicians to earn a better living with current technology.  Ben has long been a world famous scientist in the field of AI, working with Hanson Robotics on their Sophia robot, and creating tools and services through his company, SingularityNET. He is also known as “The Father of AGI”.  Dianne Krouse is an AI researcher and long time saxophonist and musician in the Seattle community.  

Jam Galaxy is illuminating a new economic path for artists in music through AI and blockchain technology while growing community through stories, history, connections and fans. 

Jam Galaxy Earth-Friendly High Quality Smart NFTs Trailblazing

Jam Galaxy is offering some of the world’s first earth-friendly NFTs ever. In fact, low energy and fees per transaction NFTs are very rare! We are in the final stages of connecting with a platform for our artists that meets all of our low energy per transaction, royalties, smart contract and secondary market requirements. This is amazing news for our artists. We are working on a solution and will keep you posted! Sign up

What are NFTs?

NFTs primarily represent a scarce digital collectible recording or artifact of a song.This ownership is uniquely special because it is completely transparent and immutable on the blockchain.  NFTs unlock new freedoms for musicians and fans. 

  • We offer low energy earth-friendly NFT and smart-contract solutions for stamping songs, art, and transactions on the blockchain
  • Jam Galaxy NFTs have social contracts with a percentage going to a shared cause

Artists can package their value into NFTs in many ways

  • Your songs can be tokenized, stamped with very detailed metadata and sold based on an artist’s preferences.
  • Artists can sell their music, VIP experiences, brand art, merchandise, concert tickets, front row seats, meet and greets, logos, AlbumArt, and concert pictures to their fanbase as NFT collectibles. 
  • Release new digitized music and relics from past bands as collectable NFTs (Rockford’s)
  • Artists can also distribute future earnings to their NFT holders

Musical Artist Benefits

  • Artists get paid instantly every time their NFTs sells and collect perpetual royalties from residual sales increasing direct revenue streams
  • NFTs make owning music accessible to anyone, not just a few. This method provides a monetary incentive for anyone who wants to make a return on investing in early music artists. Fans who buy an artist’s NFTs are investing in more than the content – they are investing in the artist. Fans can invest in early artists and grow with them. 
  • Music artists can sell NFTs directly to their supporters to raise funds 
  • As a music artist becomes successful, their NFTs will appreciate in value. This provides an ROI for their early supporters who bought their NFTs!  

Portal and Marketplace (coming soon)

  • Jam Galaxy upcoming NFTs – Coming soon as soon as we find a solution that meets our earth friendly requirements. We are getting close! Sign up to be notified of our first ones!
  • Jam Galaxy Band
  • The Rockfords
  • Painted Shield
  • Sophia Robot will be in our first Jam Galaxy Band NFT music video! Sophia recently sold some of her paintings!

NFT Data

  •  @3LAU raised over $3 million selling 33 NFTs consisting of a special edition vinyl record and unreleased music 
  • $25 Billion in NFT sales in 2021 

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Early Partners

As we begin building our platform, we have reached out to a handful of artists to help seed the first community on Jam Galaxy. We will release limited edition NFTs with these artists, and a larger release when the Jam Galaxy minting platform is operational. These artists have been performing, working as songwriters, or producing recordings for the Pacific Northwest area and are part of the fabric of the Northwest music tapestry and history.

Painted Shield Band, Founded by Stone Gossard (Pearl Jam) in 2013, when Stone and session drummer Matt Chamberlain recorded some demos. Singer/ Songwriter Mason Jennings joined the group, keyboardist and singer Brittany Davis then joined as well and bass player and guitarist Jeff Fielder. Their latest release is the single

Steve Fisk – producer, writer, performer – Pigeonhead, Pell Mell.

Sera Cahoone – singer songwriter, performer

Kathy Moore – guitarist, singer- songwriter

Tomo Nakamura– Singer, Songwriter

John Goodmanson – producer, Sleater-kinney,  Blonde redhead.

Pete Droge – producer, singer-songwriter

Ian Moore – guitarist, singer-songwriter.

Brittany Davis – singer-songwriter, keyboardist

The Artist’s Future

As we achieve velocity and move forward with our building, our goal is for each artist to have their site as their own star system, with the other musicians they’ve collaborated with, producers and engineers they’ve recorded with, being planets linked in their orbit to their own star systems.  This becomes a visual rolodex for Artists and their fans.  We will encourage artists to tell behind the scenes stories of their recordings and share demos and photos from moments that affected their art and their journey.  This galaxy will be built on our shared journey, the community, our connections and our art. 

Join us! 

Jam Galaxy Features

Music Data AI Tools

Jam Galaxy fosters a virtuous cycle of creativity, connections, content, AI, and smart-contract technology. We collectively source big music data to train music AI to offer a content source for musicians creating a place for artists and fans to thrive in a metaverse of abundant possibility.

A Virtuous Creative Cycle

Contribute music data and earn

Developer Community Designs AI Music Tools

Developers Earn from Use of Tools

Artists Earn When Data Used in Tools

AI tools generate new content for artists

Artists Monetize New Content

Artist to Artist Networking

Immerse yourself in a wealth of connections

3D Viewable Connections

Jam Galaxy has the qualities of a Star- system map,
Artists and producers and session musicians will be linked
to recordings on their page. Clink on a link and there will
be a messaging system in place between artists. Need a
recording engineer? A producer? A mixer? A pianist?
Message them as an artist.

Direct Sales to Fans

Jam Galaxy provides NFT ideas and helpful AI tools for content development you can sell to your fans

Amazing App Features

Every Jam Galaxy artist will have their own site for selling their
merchandise, vinyl records, cds, art, and show tickets. Fans can get advance
notice of Special NFTs and giveaways, links to charities, find special eggs,
and support their artists directly.

AI personalized Streaming

Our helpful recommendation systems are self select to put you in the drivers seat

Amazing AI Self Selected Features

Personalized settings for AI streaming selections
will be available. Instead of similar sounding songs
picked automatically, you can set for aligned artist plays,
early material of chosen artist, or other settings that let you
curate your own discovery path.

Grass-roots Fan and Artist Hub

You choose your own adventure!

No Greed Based Attention Mechanisms

Because of the decentralized blockchain base, the algorithms for
searches will not be manipulated for outside advertising. Searches and promotions
will be grass-roots based on genuine interest and an artist’s tier support within the system

Worm-hole Fans

Jam Galaxy Star Systems are like a living biography with rich history for an adventure back in time.

So much to Explore!

The Jam Galaxy is based on connections. Artists aren’t made over-night,
and if you want to dive deep and discover, you can visually travel their story
while listening to their shared histories, watching footage of a forgotten show or
reading artist liner notes from your favorite release.

Team Members

Photo Courtesy of

CEO/Co-Founder Jam Galaxy

Co-Founder Jam Galaxy

CEO SingularityNET

Artist Relations & Business Development

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